Monty’s Musings…

Who is  Monty, you may ask?


He is the beloved pooch of our General Manager, Robbie. Monty loves to come to the ice rink and visit with all of his skating friends. So, what better place to share news that through the big brown puppy-dog eyes of Monty. Come here to read the latest updates on what is going on with Richmond Synchro. Robbie will post birthdays, reminders, events, and fun news and recognition for our program and our terrific skaters.”

Hello Richmond Synchro!!!

Oh there is so much to talk about I don’t know where to start!!  The coaches say the teams are working hard and programs are coming together! I can’t wait for the first competition!

I was watching the “rink cam” on Sunday and saw so many of the Basic 2 team on the ice during the public session!!  I did love Abigail Wang’s pretty dress!!  Good job Basic 2 team!  Keep practicing!!

I know everyone is getting out their pens and crayons to design this year’s trading pin….I think I’ll try this year.  I’ve got a great idea but I’ll need my mom to help a little…..

Have a fun time at Sarah Green’s house for the end of the summer party!!!  Click on “read more”  and then click on “End of the Summer Party” to see the flyer!!!

End of Summer Party




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Did you get your Richmond Synchro car sticker?

This is such a busy time of year for me!  The napping, the eating, the napping, the wagging and just the general keeping everyone in line.  Busy, busy, busy, busy.  You get the picture!

I’m not, however, too busy to pose for a picture.  If you click on “read more” you can see my latest photo shoot.  I think you’ll like it.

A lot of skaters went to see One Direction in Baltimore a couple of weeks ago.  I wasn’t invited but that’s OK because I can never see the stage very well at those things.  I heard it was so much fun.  I like that One Direction!  I even like Baltimore!

Keep Skating and listen to your coaches!

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August is here!

In my house, August is Julie’s birthday month!  I’m going to get her something good…something I really like…something like  kibble!  Ssshhhhh!  Please don’t tell her I want it to be a surprise!!

Stephanie and Julie just got back from coaches college at the University of Delaware last weekend.  They were so excited about the upcoming season when they go home!   They can’t wait to share with their skaters all the great stuff they learned!

I keep hearing talk about so many competitions coming up … where to go, how to get there, why can’t Monty go, too??  Just makes me want to nap.

That reminds me…I’m late for a nap!  Keep working hard, practice and listen to your coaches and most of all have fun!!!!




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